Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back from a Bucking good time at BUCK pony con 5/9/13 (horrible pun and title for the post i know)

An exclusive A3 digital painting i made that sold out at BUCK very british 

 Howdy everyone

I am still recovering from the awesomeness that was BUCK pony con 2013 in Manchester's Bridgewater Hall two weeks ago. Goodness where do i begin you know i was tempted to just vblog about my experiences like i did in the old days when I was on YouTube I would rather not and talk about the highlights in brief detail. I have so many great memoires and people I meet to remember BUCK by. I am proud i stayed and survived for the entire thing from Friday nights Summer Sun Celebration (a rave music concert of fan favourite artists) to late Sunday nights closing ceremony which was entertaining to say the least.

Of course the big deal about this con and the reason I brought it up on this blog was because i was going to sell my pony art as a vendor and take commissions there. (no photos of table sorry). It went very well no complaining or issues with the organization of the venue. I never realized I had quite a fan base for my MLP title card series and most bronies recognized me from that I had couple hugs off them as well. 

one of the most popular cards in my series

I did not sell out like I thought I initially would but I most certainly broke even with the money I made from this event, which for a first time vendor is incredible.

But the business side was not my biggest highlight it was meeting other bronies from across Europe and the U.S (was not just UK fans) and show casing my ability in drawing and sketching. It was like the old days when I was 9 and 10 selling my art in galleries and I would be demonstrating my talents in front of crowds.

I even managed to meet some of the VIPs at the con including Michelle Creber a talented young VA and singer on friendship is magic. Gave her a personal drawing I did as an early birthday present she loved it, So that was just the icing on the cake to what was a floorless convention. My patents were helpers on the two days and they were surprised by how humble and pleasant our fandom is they did so well with managing my table.

 Only two downsides I can say that happened during the con.
 I almost destroyed my phone when it feels out of my pocket by mistake at the Summer Sun Celebration. 
 My hotel toilet flushing mechanism fell off while I was away on Sunday.

Right now I am in the middle of a pony commission haul since I was taking a lot of requests from fans there. Lineart / sketches were done during the weekend others I have been working on at home because of the requirements of my tablet and Photoshop.

samples of the many commissions i have done in the last week and a half 

if your a brony your get the inside jokes here ;)

It’s being a busy last week and a half but it’s been great practice for time management and balancing workload.

So much so that all my other passion projects have had to be put to one side for a while since I am making money off this venture and at the end of the day a creative has got to earn his income somehow folks. Look at the artists who draw and paint Marvel and DC characters for a living ponies could become pretty that for me if I keep going with the commissions a living .

Have no fear though the graphic novel project will still continue. I will try and post up a new submission for Illustration Friday each week to keep my crazy juxtaposing world of illustration going in my mind.   

For now this really is just a phase I am going through and I am going to enjoy it as much as I can and not worry about tomorrow.

Until next post Laters :)

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