Sunday, 3 November 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 3/11/13 big update


Busy month ahead folks not just because of my new graphic design job with UK Print and Media. Biggest thing i am doing is vendoring at the local craft fair Crafty Muthas Sat23rd in my local church. Preparation has been underway for the fair this weekend I even have created some exclusive Christmas cards for the event. Also been Putting together the prints i will be selling (even throwing in some BUCK prints and prints of my old art that got me started on the path to illustration). I have such an amazing story on how I got started as a young artist but I should save that for another day not enough energy to type it all out today lol.

Usually I would be going to the big comic con up in Leeds called Thought Bubble but to save time and money for my U.S con plans for next year. I am missing it this year a little sad :( about it obviously. But I have a bright creative future ahead :excited: and want to keep the distractions to a minimum if possible I still have not touched GTA 5 in weeks or caught up with my YouTube subscriptions. :nuu: :stupidme: 

I started livestreaming recently and I plan to do more in the coming weeks. My first experience was very positive, did not shut up for a whole t

Because of all these shenanigans I have postponed the development on my Jowy web comic and, :no: which I am a little disappointed to stop But I have to concentrate on the markets I am currently involved in to break into something then nothing. Please still support and check out the projects on my DA account we will return to them soon enough it's not dead. :phew:
Plus I am making the effort with illustration Friday again so you can always see my :crazy: zany illustration style there.

Meme is now cannon in brony Fandom ROFL

 Season 4 of ponies is starting around the same weekend exciting stuff so do not surprised to see the occasional pony drawing uploaded to FB the fandom is going to explode all over the internet and I will be helping in the spread XD. Just kidding …..OR AM I :evillaugh:

Jowy highlights  and doodles from last two weeks ;)

Jowy is like dr Who his design changes every few months lol

hands stupid but a decent sketch at least. 

 Anyway jowy has more art to create so I will bid you all a Good Day.

anybody who gets that reference well done have a Cookie =D
 until next Journal entry LATERS ;) :peace:

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