Thursday, 31 October 2013

Illustration Friday submission Saxy beast 31/10/13

This week’s theme was… Creatures

I had started to listen to a lot of Jazz at the start of last weekend and i wanted to incorporate that theme in to the piece somehow. It’s also a lot less refined then I would have liked it to be but that’s a sacrifice you have to make when you’re busy at real work.

The three young girls or sisters are copied from a newspaper I collect regularly. i tend to hold on to them  for great visual reference its a way to observe life while letting my crazy world blossom.

also heres the sketch i did before the final speed painting above.

until next post LATERS folks ;)


  1. This is LOVELY. I really like the sax player-creature in the dark, and the three unsuspecting girls coming up the lit path. Fabulous lighting plan. And fabulous intriguing composition.