Thursday, 28 November 2013

Jowy Shenanigans updates 28/11/13

Been a good couple of days since the last update but making time for it tonight.

Hello everybody last Saturday was a busy and productive day because it was the Crafty Muthas i had mentioned once or twice about. Un like the UK pony con Buck I did not make a lot of money but still broke even with the equipment and tools i needed to sell my various works but i exchanged contacts with a lot of people (some I knew from years ago old friends really) who were interested in my caricature cartoon work i started doing recently. And i sold off a lot of my old art from when i was 9 and 10 as that was received really well. I was utterly surprised at how many young adorable kids were bronies too i had one young girl there throw a lot of 1p coins on my table for a pinkie Pie and Princess Luna print which just made my day. And just talking to them about Best pony was marvellous and made me realize that there are lots of kids who love ponies as well as us crazy obsessed adult fans. Couple other things to say about the event, I have been invited to three other potential events this December to show case and sell my art, which is exciting. Some of it is for charity. I still have quite a few commissions to do online but I hope a lot of the people who took my cards will come back for a cartoon I want to keep myself as busy as possible over Christmas I tend to get lazy near the end of the year.

As promised here are the 6 Christmas card designs I was selling art crafty Muthas
and will be selling this christmas online.

 SEASON 4 OF FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC STARTED and it did not disappoint) I joined in on a live stream of the two parter episode as it was such a big deal for a lot of fans including me i had a little interview on the stream near the end of it which in UK time was about 2:55 I think. It was called Brony Bash and you can check it out on you tube (if you really want to). It was a long long stream and I joined the tail end of it. I competed my title card for the part 1the next day (Sunday) and managed to get a recording of the process.

I started a Tumblr right now I use it to archive my sketches, ideas and anything else.

Its got a silly name as well I always think way too big when I start new online profiles but I know that’s not how online creasrtivty works in this day and age. I have so many ideas to bring to life that I have lost my ability to get bored or lazy.

Until Next Post Laters 

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