Sunday, 17 November 2013

unexpected Jowy Shenanigans updates 17/11/13

This has come up at just the last minute and is going to make my week that little bit busier. My good old university BCU has invited me to a showcase-networking event on Tuesday where I could really spread the world of Jowybean around lol and exchange contacts with other businesses. There’s over 100 attendees going to it and some of us are getting a table so I need to prepare for it fast. I have my table booked but I need to gather together a proper portfolio for the event.

Crafty Muthas fair this Saturday coming (23rd nov) I am still going to. I believe these two separate events could make or break my freelance business but this year has being mostly exploring and taking risks and so far it’s all paid off really well.

Sneak Peek at my new Illustration Friday submission that i plan to have done by wednesday

I usually do not show my super sketchy sketches because of my perfectionate mind but these are drawings based on my own characters who i have grown to adore and enjoy drawing more . Not as much as ponies but i am making space in my busy creative life to doodle them at least

until next Post LATERS ;)

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