Monday, 10 March 2014

Much needed Jowy Shenanigans update 10/3/14

Now I feel is a good time as any to tell you the current situation Jowybean is in.

Bad news: first is last week I left my full time illustration job that i had briefly mentioned in my last post. But it was not because of malicious reasons or that there had been any complaints made about me it was just that the work I was producing was not playing to my visual strengths or what the company were ideally after and the time I was taking on the projects was slowing down their schedule. they were extremely nice human beings and the boss did give me some contacts to get in touch with to find a better job closer to my dream job as a storyboard character/background and concept artist for the creative industry. I will not lie in saying that I am a little sad it ended so quickly (the pay was unbelievably good) I assumed I was going to be there for a good year or so but this is the brutal world of business I live in nobody has time to slow down.

So here I am monday and back to square one hunting for a new job and hoping to find one really soon. I already have contacted some old industry friends of mine for guidance.

Good news is with this free time I can get back on track with all the abandoned projects I put on hold like the MLP title cards and the ambitious graphic novel
Other important things to know regarding cons and stuff for the rest of the year

Sadly due to time and job hunting American pony cons look to be less likely this year. :doh:
On the other hoof BUCK 2014 you can bet your sweet flank I will be going there :headbang: :nod: vendoring .With a whole lot of new prints postcards and lots of exclusives that you will not want to miss trust me there going to be big. ;)

the other trip I would love to do is to take a trip to Japan with the travel agency I am eager to go on their manga tour in august the trip would all be focused around the areas pop culture and anime of the nation. I so dearly love Japan =D :love: and will move there at some point in the future its a big long term goal of mine ^^;. I have become a bit of an Otaku over the last month and half watching a lot of different anime and documentaries on its history.

As I type this I have two cute Lucky Star figures of Kiagmi and Tsukasa In their winter uniforms sitting on my desk  so I am in the zone as it were with japan Plus I really enjoy the simplicity and fun of Lucky Star.

Now taking in account this trip is going to be 8 days before Buck I would be asking a lot of myself and my body to travel that far and back :faint:. but I feel its something I want to achieve this year getting to japan. though now i think about it america would be much cheaper.
Just have too see but BUCK 2014 is a EEYEP :woohoo:

what does the future hold for the blog well for now i am going to continue to upload illustration Friday pieces on here and once i start working on i will be posting WIP and information on here.

if you want too see my really rough sketches my tumblr is the best place for that. i don,t really have a clear idea what i want to do with my blog. it been very much an experiment 
I am in the process of creating an online Jowybean website to expose my art to more people and future clients online. that should be up in the next two months 
Until next post Laters 

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