Thursday, 2 October 2014

Middle East 2050 WIP 2/10/14

The aim of this september project was to create a series of 4 concept art illustrations that show cased a sci fi futuristic Middle East using different inside and outdoor scenarios from a positive angle rather then a political/war view. I choose this part of the world so I could challenge my limited knowledge of the culture and how effectivity I can incorporate elements of sci fi while still retaining the feeling of the regions in the Middle East like Oman Iran and Qatar. 

This is a sample of the WIP 

initial sketching, ideas

Refining sketches working out shadows and lighting 

Character and mecha design sketches 

 Colour studies working out the best scheme for each  atmosphere also altering my original ideas. 

screenshots of selected parts of the WIP of the final four pieces.

Until next post LATERS :)

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