Sunday, 28 December 2014

Jowybean shenaggins 28/12/14

I had a very relaxing Christmas and now i am feeling refreshed for the new year and what productivity it will bring 
over last two days i have been expanding and refining the world my own characters live in given places names and some concept art.  

The Sowing Valley 

A tranquil jungle haven that is made purely of fabric and stitches it holds together the entire world and is home to the oldest race known to civilisation called the sewing maidens.

Tune Sky Way 

The most musical and loudest highway that connects two of the biggest regions in the world The Playland Kingdom and Ramsusville.


A mutated twisted and grimly industrial city/harbour that defiles the laws of gravity and logic. Also they speak in a language linked to pollution. 

Until next post LATERS

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