Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 22/1/13

Lots to think about in one day like the latest episode of Lost Kingdoms of South America

Looked at my values in digital painting using my jowy characters as the test subjects.

I want viewers to see a vibrant working world with a lot of expression and detail when they see my illustrations even if their roughs.

Concentrated on the woods trust cartoons to start this cold snow filled week off.

The pictures are still going to feature my beanie characters because of the reasons I explained in my pervious post. But I am sneakily using the natural environment they are in as a deceive to draw and colour in more detail making it less generic and closer to the actual locations being visually shown in the background

Amazing how even your cartoon pieces can pop with a little help from hard and soft brushes at different opacities

Seeing how the UK has been hit by a lot of snow I think its only right to design a winter themed piece. There were a lot of broken snowboards left t the edge of the woods let me tell you.

i added the figures in the back to make the 
Composition less lonely and empty the woods does have more then two visitors at the same time.. 

Humanised.com comic project will have an update on its promo and development soon so stay tuned.

Until next update Laters  ;)

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