Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 23/1/13

Updates on comic project

Hello again lovely people I have some big updates on the characters for =D

Our main framer gal has a name now. It connects to the story we have scripted CADA (control alt Delete…. foreshadowing see). Her dragon pet needs a quirky name. As well as the other cast that need some finalising in their designs.

CADA CADA I cannot stop smiling at that name it feels perfect for her character even if there is none as of now.

Apart from the protagonist name decision. I scraped the promo image I was doing for my DA   and restarted it from scratch today showing you the process on how I am using my recent interest in values as a key to understand contrasts in my illustrations better. Its really becoming an effective way of maturing my digital painting skills.      

i changed the pose to show the hard working nature of  the girl  almost as if shes stoping for a break 

tip always use hard brushes first when doing values it makes setting tones on the other layers much easier  later on

When ever i digital paint my design tends to alter slowly because i keep switching between hard and soft brushes its a good practise but this makes the process as little tiring because your working on area sometimes for 20 10 minutes 

this is nowhere near finished or polished as i desire it. her face needs more work so dose that hand pose
I will resume it sometime tomorrow  folks 

 i have got the script of the comic prolog from my writer (Dad) so i may scan it and upload it tonight 

if not LATERS until next post  ; )

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