Saturday, 26 January 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 26/1/13 comic promo piece (finished)

i hate to make rants like this in posts but it feels right just to vent in this one for a change.

I promised my self I would get the first promo illustration done for Friday and I did. But late that night one of my new shelf’s. I put up about two months ago decided to buckle and almost crush me lucky I was on Skype so I herd it and cached it before it could do any serious harm. Long story short my room was an utter mess , spent all of today tidying up ....well morning .Afternoon was messing on Minecraft creative mode  because I was a little too stressed to do any work or upload . I have calmed down since and feel sane enough to give a decent preview of the standard of finished work you can expect from this series.

Font will be changed later on but i looks web related

i used the same technique i use at the moment when colouring in my digital images overlaying the values with a colour layer using different layer modes.

 Its not exactly what I wanted and can be improved in the future but I think it’s a decent image to spread the word about this project. Now i have the script up you can understand the plot a little better.

hopefully i should have more awesome development for it next week stay tuned until next post folks. 


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