Friday, 15 February 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 15/2/13

I really wish that the deep recesses of my brain could think up another expressive word to describe how my week has been but here it goes. Hey it’s been a BUSY last few days so much so that i have hardly had anytime to continue with my personal projects. My stupid macbook finally ran out of space Thursday. So I spent the whole of yesterday deleting its useless baggage of files and programs. It is nice to have it refreshed and organized now.
Bring it on next week things will be different this time. 

 and now some tablet doodles i did in between everything else. 

based on a true story expect the monster part and i do have a jacket like that. 

i was thinking gerald scarfe some what 

oh yeah this weekend this happens as well LET THE JOY ROAM FREE ?

Since I have started been more regular with updating and considering theres nothing to show for or other work today I decided to archive or upload some of my older pieces.

 they were either used for university work or personal goals to improve my art. I tend to be a very picky about what drawings and sketches I show on the web because I want to show the best of the best not stuff that looks like it was done four years ago.

anyway until next post LATERS folks ;)

these were comic pages i wanted to do for one of my own characters but it was nowhere near what i was looking for looking back at it now i quite like the roughness and inconsistent character design.

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