Saturday, 16 February 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 16/2/13

also the name of a jerk boss from Sly Cooper 1 

You know I could do with a nice drink after all the development I have done for my personal projects today. And I kept to my schedule for once YAY. Yes I do keep scheduled times in my diary for what projects to work on each day as there are so many to consider.

Right now I should be witnessing the highly anticipated finale of MLP season 3 and jumping on the hype or hate but I want to upload this stuff now work comes first before ponies in my book.

"blasphemy" epic comic project Development 

I have wanted for about a week to get a polished coloured line up of the three main characters. Today was the day I finally buckled down and finalized a clearer idea of their physical appearance although they will not look so shall I say um….Disneyish in the final product.

Process time from start to finish 

Mutt: is Cadras loyal pet who dresses as a cat for a reason i assure you 

Cadra: (Ctrl/alt/delete) our heroine of the story who will be thrown in to the deep end 

The Prince: no idea what his name is but he and Cadra will cross paths but not in the love kind of way  his a bit of a  D bag to put it light thats how my dads writing him. 

quickly sketched out other characters i could create as line up sheets later on 

i spend a lot more time on line art then colour with my characters to be honest 

it seems coloured lines make ones work more animated looking which i like

Its not just Cadra who’s had attention today Jowy got some love as well.

Thanks to my close musically talented friend Cameron or C dog there may be an actual jowy comic sooner then later. I mentioned a while back he wrote 3 scripts for my characters and I was very impressed with his depiction of my crazy world. During intervals in between my busy life I did do some extremely quick thumbnails to layout the story and panels i did some more of them today. These are just a taster of whats to come. I am going to ask Cameron if its alright to put up his script of part 1 on the blog.

Lastly to round up the post is more news on my cartoons for the warley woods trust

To keep it short for those who do not know my woods runs a trust that do a lot of community work in the area and promote the woods in a positive light I have given myself the task of designing possible cartoons that they could sell to visitors as well as promote my services to professionals.

A finished example

These are some of the newer pieces I have been improving on in the series 

i stopped this one because of the amount of detail and the line art was just not doing it for me it seemed less crisp compared to the others. 

A woods themed birthday card why not 

Phew thats it for tonight still a lot to think about and its my uncles birthday soon but his coming to see us tomorrow so i need to get him a nice picture done before then 

until next post folks LATERS ;)

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