Monday, 11 February 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 11/2/13

Here we are again folks its been snowing outside today, I had my sister over the weekend back from uni. I talked for hours on Skype with brony friends and I am still working hard and boy what a weekend it was for said word.

The 10yearitch site that I have been doing paid illustrations for since last week asked me to design a FB banner for (to sound redundant) their FB page so it would give their services more publicity and it had to incorporate the logo as well. The time scale on this piece was shorter and there were a couple modifications to the design along the way.

The client wanted an Indian inspired character right below the Like button so It would look like he was pointing at it so you would be more tempted to hit that like and check out the site. They asked for a version without the boy and instead replace him with a tiger to show the wildlife of India.

The colours yet again were very vibrant showing the warm climate of the country. I really enjoyed colouring all these illustrations in because I learned more about my personal chose of colours and moods when doing digital art.

Their were a couple of changes in the final as you can tell I had to shrink it down to fit in to the FB cover dimensions the sky was a little too dark for the clients liking even though I personally thought it brought the back drop forward. And the character had to have his hand redrawn to actually point at the like button.

This body of work I am adding to my portfolio

I look forward to the next job I get where I can explore my adaptable styles in illustration some more. comic project update time

CADRA and Mutt (main characters) will be happy to know that their masters have returned to the comic project today Hazzah lol. I got some actual page layouts done not draft ones but detailed thumbnails following the script I posted last month.

once i have finished drafts of these pages they may make a lot more sense ^^;

Its good to get back to this project and I feel confident about the story a lot more now that I have some layouts to look over and start actually finishing while asking advice from my Dad whose the writer of the series.

I am fairly busy with other shenanigans this week so there is not going to be much posted this week.....maybe but I shall do my best as always to upload and update as regularly on here as much as I physically can.

until next Post Laters  ;)

check out my Behance and deviantart portfolios for other work 

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