Monday, 18 February 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 17/2/13

The cartoon is a jowy version of the Steve Taylor album cover on the Fritz. Been listening to his albums almost each day and waking up with them playing in my head and i love it, His like the Alice cooper for Christian rock my dad says worth a listen too.

Yesterday was my uncle’s birthday not going to say what age he is though. We had a very special meal planed for him, which was in this restaurant on top of this tall building called the cube in Birmingham. Amazing vistas I even got some snaps from the top. His an accountant with the bank of America and I wanted to draw him something that highlighted his job that’s where this propaganda pink panther like cartoon came out

It can be our friend 

I remember a while ago I saw a black and white 30s 40s propaganda animation on saving money and tax no idea who made it or the name of it which sucks because it was such a unique gem. I have been almost on the Fritz today because I misplaced my credit cards which could have ended horribly and cost me a lot but luckily I blocked them from been used so I am safe and should get my new cards In 5 days.

Also Today the 10yearItch web site i did the banners for asked me to do some more  paid artwork for them which is brilliant.

I competed the inking of my birthday card design for the woods trust series. See pervious post

I need to look at trees and leaves more its hard to capture them with just pen     

I may have some more to share later on tonight  so stay tuned. 

Wink wink nod nod say no more 

But if not unitil next post LATERS  ; )

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