Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 7/2/13

I woke up this morning had my breakfast did all the usaul things one does to prepare himself for the day ahead. I stare in to the bathroom mirror look sternly in to my refection and mentally shout WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED.  

The thought of all the unfinished projects I am currently doing (I counted about five last time I updated my DA journal) has hit me kind of hard today. Like weights falling on top of me it’s a whole new feeling I have never really experienced to this degree.

Now I do exaggerate a little its not being that draining but the last few days have challenged my time and patience.

i also did this crazy animatic storyboard thing inspired by the intro to the band Within Temptation song Enter on tuesday night to keep my creative mind going. 

I tend to ramble on a lot in posts because I like to be in depth with my work and make it more interesting to look at and think about. But today I want to keep it nice and simple. Just because of my current mood, which is set to tiredness I have worked a lot this week.

I applied to a paid job on Elance to redesign the banners for an online idian Travel portal site called 10-YEAR ITCH where they advertise a range of different itineraries and destinations for the country.

I been the adaptable illustrator I am decided to submit my proposal with examples of my illustration work attached and they considered me for the job then once I showed them my thumbnail ideas I had for the banner they accepted me for the work.

The time scale for the whole thing was about 6 hours over two and a half days and it was coloured in Photoshop CS6.

They liked the finish piece so much that they now want me to help out with the websites other pages, which could include twitter, and face book so it’s an exciting time to finally get some paid work for professional use.  

Speaking of pay another friendly brony on DA asked for a paid commission of another fan fic called Blunder and Lightning which I just finished last night.

I know this stuff may be pony related and I tend to leave my fan art off ths blog but its still work related so its only fair. 

and now the process of said commission without any words because it explains itself. 

right i am going to take it easy now rest a bit and come back  refleshed and  ready to get going on all the other projects.

Until next Post folks LATERS ;) 

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