Friday, 8 February 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 8/2/13

Consternated on the 10YEARITCH website job for the second banner design. Tried to get it to a similar standard as my first banner. This time it was for the destinations page and i wanted to look at other icons to represent India then going with clich√© or copycats of the pervious design. 
India is a fascinating and colourful country 

the flute character was taken out because the clients felt he seemed out of place or unneeded and the text was changed to the web address so my art work could stand out a lot more. 

Looking forward to the next lot of work I do with this site but this weekend I want to spend some time on the other projects that need some loving and attention.

Plus I need a haircut ^^; 

Until next Post Laters =D

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