Sunday, 21 April 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 21/4/13

photo of my working desk to make up for the late updates ^^; 

Last week has been a feel good week so many happy things happened and I am going to talk about them now.

Two weeks ago I registered my sole trader name as Jowybean and received the printed versions of my new business cards and greeting cards that I have been designing for the last two months or so.
I planed to sell these pieces at the local shop in my woods for a reasonable price. Not only to show case my art but also to advertise the beauty and fun of the woods community trust to the general public. Wednesday morning I went in had my interview with the manger and left behind samples of the cards for them to show to the other staff and customers. They brought them so I technically in a long time got my first sale. Now all I can do for this project is sit back and wait and for the response from the sales and customers. If its popular then I am on to a winner if not I can try a different avenue to sell them. is where i got my cards and business cards printed very good service and prices well worth a look at. 

I am doing multiple jobs right now but I am not allowed to show development of any of them due to the client’s wishes. This is a little annoying as theirs so much content to share from these commissions, but I have to respect the clients I am working for they are paying me after all. graphic novel project

Started work on the rough pencils for the first few pages while my writer (Dad) bombarded me with a load of new ideas and jokes to put in to the final product I aim to have these pages done by august and also hope to get a bigger scanner so I can archive the process on the blog better.

Jowy comic

The Jowy comic has become a web comic and I started it last Thursday its been going smoothly so far and I will try with all my might to make it a coincident series. You can find it on DA but I might as well post it on here.

Last item on the agenda of today’s blog update is internships

I had inquired an internship at a local animation studio called Second homes. The director last Tuesday confirmed that my start date would be the 29th of this month, which is only a week away. It will be for four weeks so obviously there may not be that much updating on the blog. But I will do my best to keep you updated with development on everything I do I hope that this internship will actually mature my thinking and approach to the way I work. I think my style of work is sloppy at the best of times.

random doodles of last week excluding ponies 

All other projects outside my blog can be found updated on my DA account I want to keep this blog limited to my personal and professional work then fanart stuff though my brony art is giving me a lot of traction.

Until next Update which WILL be soon LATERS  ;)

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