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Jowy Shenanigans 21/4/13

I believe that one can have a lot more to discuss in an update if its weekly rather then daily so unless anything major happens I will update my blog at least weekly so I do not have this guilty thought in my head about updating everyday as I do not work every single hour.

The biggest news is as of this Monday I have signed off the job centre and start a four-week internship at a local animation company in Birmingham called Second Homes. Doing mostly storyboard work but getting to explore other media within the four weeks. I am looking forward to working with the director there and it should be a fulfilling insightful experience in to one of the industries I would adore to work in later on down the line.

I do want to upload the development of the paid jobs I have being doing in the last few weeks but I do not want to spoil the surprise of what they are and I need to respect my client’s wishes. All part of being a professional

Updates on other projects

Jowy Web comic

sneak preview of page 6 in sketch form 

No new pages have been done yet maybe today. Last week I concentrated more on developing the world of Jowy and the many characters I have. I can share some of these ideas with you here.

Ramsusville is Jowys home city and its going to be a very muti cultural and spices mixed metropolis so every street and area will be unique I am planning out the entire city in my mind as I write this so expect more craziness on this and my other characters very soon. The insanity does not stop here folks it just grows. 

i recently have wanted to include the era of classic black and white cartoons in to my Jowy world and thought up a name for this borough in Ramsusville which will be the hub for the classic hijinks and style of the early 1930s and 40s and it would be in black and white.

I thought that Little Nicky could be the name of a character that founded the place and was a big star back in the day.

Playland kingdom is home to essentially the food music and toy universe. It’s a gorgeous hub of fun and happy people ruled by the kind hearted teenage princess Elea. But on the far south side of the empire is the iron metal plains a harsh wasteland of bikers and mechanical monstrosities ruled under the influence of the notorious Gunman and his gambling weapon operated city of Guntopia. (Yeah he is a big head naming his city after himself).
Only one thing scares gunman and that’s the trio of princess Eleas friends Roy and Kiwi who aid her in her ongoing battle to stop the iron metal wastelands spreading across the Playland kingdom.

So your not confused Roy is the protagonist not Elea 

The Pandaora Empire is an ancient continent and civilisation (Chinese Japanese inspired). Thousands of years ago they fought a furious war with the mighty snow people over the land. The Pandaora army was victorious over the snow people. And the empires fearless leader (as of now unnamed) killed the snow peoples king leaving them powerless against the expanding empire and were forced to live in the mountains. Thousands of years later the new king of the snow people who is the son of the beloved first king Ferdwick wants to claim back what was rightfully his peoples. Meanwhile the Pandaora Empire has become a thriving developed city with a royal monarch who controls the armed forces. The empire gets in to conflict with neighbouring tribes related to the snow people. Its now only a matter of time before a fierce war breaks out between the two divisions.

Boxer the ninja flea is a skilled teenage ninja from a long line of warriors who relied on odd unique weapons to fight their opponents. His unique weapon is a boxing glove gun (hence his name). Apart from being one of the modern day heroes to the Pandaora Empire and being close friends with princess molanda his a normal rebellious teenager.

Princess Molanda is the respected Princess of the royal family swamped in family tradition and overly productive parents she wants to get more out of life and secretly accomplices Boxer on his adventures throughout the land. Molanda believes that one day both sides will join together in peace and the fighting will stop.

Jr Hammer is Boxers younger brother A feisty short tempered kid with the unique power of flying hammers. He tends to iterate boxer wherever they go but his a strong ninja for his age group and a reliable sidekick.

Ferdwick is the second King to the snow people and also a teenage dritbag. Although he will stop at nothing to bring down the Pandaroa Empire and its army he always makes excuses to play a couple more games and listen to metal music and be a regular slob, this annoys his advisers a lot.

Frozen pyjamas is the name of a place in the empire where giants thousands of years ago lived not associated with the war. They lived in peace until the fighting moved towards their territory and they fleed in panic. Only their pyjamas and night dress frozen in huge blocks of ice are what remains of their harmonious existence its become a popular tourist attraction in the empire great for the economy.

another preview of some other OCs i am developing graphic novel project

we have an idea for the logo :)

My Writer (Dad) is still coming up with new ideas for the world and characters and he has even thought ahead to the climax and twists in the story its all getting very exciting and mysterious.

I need to do my part now and visually jolt down some of these ideas before I forget them. And start work on drafting out the first few pages so I can achieve my deadline of before November for finished pages to show at Leeds Thought Bubble this year.

Humanises process has slowed down recently but I hope to pick up the pace with it soon and show the development once I have got an A3 working scanner.

This project has too much going for it to just let it die.

Warley Woods’s greeting card print project

Still had no word on the sells of the greeting cards I sold to my local woods shop two weeks ago. But I am confident i should get a response back soon enough, they seemed extremely interested in the designs.

Random Doodles time

All other projects outside my blog can be found updated on my DA account I want to keep this blog limited to my personal and professional work then fanart stuff though my brony art is giving me a lot of traction.

Anyway Until next Update which WILL be soon LATERS  ;)

And wish me luck on my internship 

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