Friday, 10 May 2013

Jowy Shenanigans 10/5/13

Hey to all who are looking at my blog right now thought i would just pop in quickly from my busy life to give you a heads up on some new changes.

 First off i am halfway though my internship at Second home animation studios. That’s been great and productive so far got back in to a habit of doodling on paper a lot more.

Second I recently purchased a brand newA3 scanner hence the bad cartoon at the top so you can expect a lot more behind the scenes of my graphic novel project which I have started to post about on my DA account to get it noticed by a larger audience it’s a beast of a machine and we need to set it up first before I can scan which will be fun. 

I will save my breath for now so i can prepare for next weeks workload and come back with a much broader update real soon

Actually i just wanted to post up this silly tablet drawing is the real truth but still its fair to update on the blog anyways. All other projects outside my blog can be found updated on my DA account I want to keep this blog limited to my personal and professional work then fanart stuff though my brony art is giving me a lot of traction.

Anyway Until next Update which WILL be soon LATERS  ;)

wish me luck on he rest of my internship its been worth it so far

 random doodles from the last  two weeks while i have been away

I have not drawn enough monsters in my art feel that needs to change also that helicopter in the left hand corner sucks. 

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