Saturday, 14 December 2013

I am still here just over on tumblr and DA short update 14/12/13

Its been a good week and a half since I last update on this blog which I apologise for but I recently discovered the fun of tumblr and being uploading a lot of my roughs and sketches to there as a sort of archive for my ideas pony and non pony related of Crouse.
I am still in my graphic design job, which has become a little bit more enjoyably but come New Year or before then I am looking for a better-paid creative job
 I should be thankful to the director at the company  for keeping me on for this long but for the long-term of jowybean as a business I need to find a better-secured position if I want to aim higher.

I still have a lot of commissions on my DA to crack on with.

Christmas Is approaching ever faster and I tend to slow down a little to take it nice and easy before I get back in too my busy routine again. That’s why there’s been no Illustration Friday or sketch dumps on here for this month because I am getting used to tumblr and I want to be a lazy man.

That’s why I am ending this post now before I yap on and end typing for another hour or something

checkout my sketch tumblr

If there’s not another post before Christmas I wish you all a merry Christmas and a cheer to an awesome new year which I have a feeling next year for Jowy will be awesome ....I CAN FEEL IT.   


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